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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the division in your marriage? It’s time to put your marriage first and reignite the passion, joy, and excitement that brought you together in the first place. With our expert guidance, you’ll learn how to work as a team and build a lifestyle of freedom, unity, and adventure. 

 Don’t settle for a mediocre marriage, join us and discover the thrill of building a successful partnership together. Don’t wait, find the Club Couplepreneur that’s right for you today!

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What comes with Club Couplepreneur?

There are two tiers of membership called levels. Both levels include daily motivational messages that expand on each of our 8 Relationship Pillars, access to our exclusive podcast content including post-show Q&A, and a private online community to connect with other driven couplepreneurs. As a bonus, you’ll receive special discounts and other offers only available to Club Couplepreneur members.

Want more time with Richard and Laura?

There are a few different live events for Club Couplepreneur members:

Is Club Couplepreneur only for married couples?

Club Couplepreneur is designed specifically for busy married couples who work together and want to transform their business. Though many of our philosophies can be applied to other types of relationships, our focus is on marriage, the foundation of everything else in your life. If you’re a married couple ready to discover community, rekindle the passion in your marriage, and build a successful business, this is the club for you!

Are there more budget friendly options?

Your current lifestyle isn’t sustainable and you recognized something has to change. You’re here to make sure the change isn’t your marriage, an invaluable and irreplaceable relationship. Club Couplepreneur is an exclusive club that, even with a Level 1 membership, brings value upon value for every dollar spent.

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