End the unnecessary arguments, restore health and intimacy while creating wealth and reaching new levels in your business

Join us on January 27th virtually or in Raleigh, NC in person

End the unnecessary arguments, restore health and intimacy while creating wealth and reaching new levels in your business

Join us on January 27th virtually or in Raleigh, NC in person
It’s Time to Transform Your Business and Relationship

CouplepreneurCon is an annual live and virtual event that offers keynotes focused on all the most relevant topics to your marriage and business.

CouplepreneurCon is the premier event for any couples who are juggling marriage, family, and business ownership together.

There’s Never Been an Event Like This for Couplepreneurs… Until Now

It’s an exhausting task. And we’re taking it off your plate.

Never before has there been an event that gives spouses who work together exactly what they need to build the lifestyle they want.

Until now. Don’t miss CouplepreneurCon! It’s the most valuable event you’ll attend all year!

Meet Our Past and Present Speakers

If you’re familiar with The Couplepreneur Life Podcast, you know our guest list includes power couplepreneurs and motivational speakers from all industries. CouplepreneurCon is no different; check out some of our upcoming and past speakers below.

What You Can Expect...


Finally, you’ll have relationship advice specifically tailored to couples who work together…. And entrepreneurial advice specifically tailored to business owners who are married to each other!


With practical tools you can implement immediately, you’ll rediscover the confidence to strengthen your relationship and place it as the foundation of your entrepreneurial success.


You’re used to being the only ones in your circle who are in business together, but at CouplepreneurCon you’ll be surrounded by others like you, giving you the sense of community you’ve been searching for.

Here's What Attendees are Saying:

“Since meeting Richard and Laura, everything in our life has just drastically improved. They’ve completely changed our life. They made us feel like this is normal, this is how a couplepreneur should be. They’ve turned our life around 180 degrees. It’s been amazing.”


“We owe a lot to Richard and Laura. As far as what they’ve taught us to accomplish and the fact that they helped bring a spark back to our marriage. It was obvious they were exactly what we needed and what our marriage needed and what our business needed. Richard and Laura have been a big encouragement.”


Never Google “Relationship Advice” Again

Sure, you could compile all of this information on your own—searching out the top relationship experts and vetting resources for couplepreneur-specific advice—but why would you want to? 

Come have a blast and let us do the research for you. We’ve hand-selected our speakers and content so you never have to worry whether the information will be relevant or useful. 

Presentations focus on our “8 Pillars of Couplepreneurship,” ensuring that you’ll leave CouplepreneurCon with the tools and advice you need to fortify your relationship as the foundation of your entrepreneurial success (all without ever having to Google “tips for married business owners”).

Attend the next CouplepreneurCon event virtually or in person, 2024 dates will be released very soon, join our waitlist to be the first to know!



  • Ed Mylett – Reaching New Levels in Business
  • Candy Valentino – Creating Wealth With Your Business
  • Richard & Laura – Recapturing the Magic
  • Pete Wilson – Ending The Arguments With Effective Communication
  • Kathryn Gordon – Renewing Your Intimacy
  • Justin Roethlingshoefer – Health And Recovery



Everything In The Virtual Bundle Plus:



*What if my spouse does not want to attend? Can I go alone? Yes, you are welcome to come to CouplepreneurCon on your own. Afterward, it may also be beneficial to become a Couplepreneur Life Member so you can start working on the foundations of your relationship, and maybe by the next CouplepreneurCon they’ll be ready to tag along!


Meet your mentors

Richard & laura behney

Married for 30 years and in business together for 28, Richard & Laura have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of couplepreneurship. They know firsthand how hard it can be to raise a family and grow a business at the same time, and how important (yet challenging) it is to prioritize your relationship through it all.

Within 3 years of working together, the two “hated each other,” and before long they lost the business and nearly lost their marriage. With focused energy and effort, they found the passion, unity, and adventure they had been looking for.  

Since that initial rough patch, Richard & Laura have started and grown multiple seven-figure businesses, launched two podcasts, and helped over a hundred couple-run businesses over the last four years. Their relationship is better than ever, and they’re ready to help you do the same!